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Fulya Estetik

Based on our experience in the area of beauty and care over the past few years, Fulya COSMETICS is honored to serve you by adding more beauty to your beauty under an environment with well equipped devices.

Our customer satisfaction oriented goals are based on the concept of service, making our choices very effective over the years. We are situated in Besiktas, the center of a fairly difficult to access city, Istanbul. Our office is situated in the Selenium Plaza one of Istanbuls most prestigious plazas. Our customers need not worry about parking since a free parking space where they can comfortably park their cars is allocated for them.

Our team of professionals are well equipped with FDA (World Health Organization) approved devices. Despite the current experience of our expert team, we do encourage continuing education programs organized overseas for them for further self development. This situation helps keep them abreast with the ever-changing technological developments in the beauty industry and ensures quality and high ranking services at our center. With our friendly and well-appointed team of experts you can be assured of a special service that will make you feel the ever beautiful and confident individual you always dreamt of.

Our results are not instant but rather permanent, thus providing our customers with the evidence of an A plus service. We are of the belief that a healthy skin is a healthy body that vibrates with the energy of beauty that we add to it. Health from the point of hygiene should therefore be extremely respected. And more importantly, our services are personalized by taking into account the individual’s health, age, body and skin type and several other parameters. And perhaps more appropriately we do refrain from performing procedures that we consider non appropriate when the individuals health is at risk.

Your beauty and health is our responsibility.

In order to stay young, don’t stay late.

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