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K. Koray Kebir, MD - General Manager

Kerim Koray Kebir, MD has experience in many fields including medical tourism, emergency service trainings, hospital accreditation and audits, mobile healthcare services, planning of hospital operations and systems. Graduated from Fırat University School of Medicine, he especially worked in emergency and mobile healthcare services. In 2005, he went to America as the guest of Standford University in order to tell what he had done for the treatment of his son who had been born with Patau Syndrome and whom he had enabled to live and to participate in the studies. There, he had received for my son the California State Fund, with a budget of USD 1 million, and he obtained permission for staying with the sponsorship of hospital. In those years, he studied in Stanford University and in Neurology Clinic Research Center of University of California at San Francisco.

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